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In addition to storage, how to make small houses bigger and more spacious and bright is also the focus of small house decoration. This requires the designer not only to start according to the owner's hobbies, but also to consider the matching design of furniture purchase and soft decoration. Next, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network will explain to you how small houses can make a big impression

first, a large area of white adds a sense of brightness

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White first gives people the feeling that it is very clean and spacious. Using a large area of white in a small house can add a three-dimensional feeling to the room. Walls, floors, furniture and decorations are the best carriers of white, and white can also be well matched with other colors, so there is no need to worry about the overall matching effect. And the reflectance of white to light is also the best, which can maximize the brightness of the room

second, place sofas without backrests in the living room

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try to place sofas without backrests in the living room. Make the sofa into a long and narrow shape, and then put a few cushions as the backrest. This kind of sofa without backrest can increase the room area, and has many different uses. It is a good idea

III. easy use of low-rise furniture

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if you want to make the space more or less spacious, you can use low-rise furniture with small front and rear depth. Low furniture can make the wall appear much wider. If the storage space is insufficient, shelves with small depth can be set on the wall. Decorations and daily necessities can be placed on the shelf, which has both storage and decorative effects

fourth, increase the level, make full use of the height drop

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raise the ground to about half the height of the roof, forming a unique structure. The higher ground and the original ground can be connected by stairs. In this way, the space is divided into two parts, the bottom is used for storage, and the upper part can be decorated into a bedroom. It can also enjoy the warm atmosphere like an attic, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. In the middle of the stairs, put a big cushion, and you will have a seemingly flat, but very soft rest space

v. transform the balcony into a cloakroom

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nowadays, the bedroom generally has a very spacious balcony connected to the bedroom. Floor to ceiling windows can be installed among them, and with sliding doors, the cloakroom can be arranged in the balcony

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