The windowsill on the other side of the corridor i

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What can a small windowsill hold? Suifu doors and windows feel free to decorate, forming a special small scene, only to find that they are meant to be integrated. Lightly dotted, the windowsill is not lonely

the windowsill is so clean, the flowers are withered, and there is nothing around. Looking at the other side of the corridor, it is very lonely. After a long time, I can't tell whether it is the windowsill that is too lonely, or what my heart corner lacks. Su Fu suggested that I put some items on the windowsill, so that it would look more lively

put on small flowerpots, water them carefully, and watch the sun shine on them. The stems, leaves and buds are different green, so green and luxuriant. When the window opened, a shadowless wind made the flowers dance and sway

put your favorite books casually, sit by the window in your spare time, bathe in the natural light, rub the paper, and read relaxed. Ordered books may be scattered due to their own searching, but there is nothing against it

put the doll full of memories on the windowsill, play with the doll's limbs, feel the plush touch, and remember who sent the doll. The doll sat on it, guarding the window, and helped himself keep memories with the windowsill

at night, candlesticks and lights are arranged beside the window. The candlesticks flicker, giving the night a trace of light, and the other side is printed on his face. Only then can he find that his heart is slightly warm. This is the unique little romance of the windowsill

in fact, the flowers are blooming outside the window, the window is warm, and the windowsill on the other side of the corridor is not lonely

install Suifu doors and windows The window, with family warm view




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