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The group purchase activity of zhuoeva Dino platinum carving club was held on April 14 and 15

in 2011, zhuoeva Dino platinum kitchen joined hands with mingdiao for the first time to participate in the group purchase activity of mingdiao club. In the two activities of that year, it received more than 600 customers, signed 80 contracts, and the transaction amount was nearly 3million. As a long-term partner of mingdiao decoration company, zhuoyifadino has been recognized by mingdiao Association and its owners with good service and excellent product quality. Therefore, the success of the first group purchase of mingdiao is unexpected and reasonable

with the good foundation laid by the first year of cooperation, zhuoyifadino joined hands with mingdiao again in 2012 and will participate in the first group purchase of mingdiao decoration this year on April 14 and 15

in this group purchase activity, zhuoyifadino launched a special preferential policy. The cabinets in the audience are 8.5% off, and the deposit can also enjoy value-added and ranking concessions. At the same time, there is a lottery activity. Customers can draw value-added awards such as cigarette machines, stoves, sinks and so on. In addition, for the trial and group purchase activities, Zhuoyi vatino also launched two special price stainless steel cabinet experience products, hoping to let more owners experience the style of European original design

Zhuoyi &8226; Vatino platinum kitchen experience hall has a total operating area of more than 3000 square meters and a total of three floors. The first floor is the lobby and modern cabinet display area, the second floor is the home life experience hall, and the third floor is the leisure club and office area. A total of 22 styles of lifestyle spaces are displayed in the experience Museum, including new luxury, European style, modern and other styles. Products include pure high-end products such as solid wood, stainless steel, baking varnish and so on. At the same time, it has customized: the whole kitchen system home, customized cloakroom system home, customized study system home, customized wine cellar, customized living room, kitchen appliances and other supporting product displays. Rich products and diverse styles bring the most noble consumption experience to the owners. Among them, more than 20 series of products are brand-new series, which are interpreted by Italian Valentino design masters, perfectly showing the high-end customized lifestyle of Zhuoyi Valentino home, and bringing a better home life experience to owners




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