If a woman can't cheat, see her man. If the door a

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Whether a woman has an affair or not depends on her man. Whether a man has an affair or not depends on whether he has a chance. Whether the doors and windows are derailed depends on her slide

whether a woman can cheat depends on her man

whether a man can cheat depends on whether he has a chance

whether the door and window are unfaithful depends on her slide

there are not too many standards for choosing a lover, as long as these three things: don't cheat you, don't hurt you, and stay with you

the reason why the doors and windows don't derail lies in whether her door leaf sinks into the lower track. If the design of the track covers the lower part of the door leaf and makes the door leaf sink into the track, even if she meets the temptation of sand, she can't cheat. That's her loyalty to the door leaf.

this is the new anti derailment series of meiduoyu doors and windows. The cavity structure is reasonable, the wind resistance is high, and the biggest function is that she won't derail





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